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Versuri Paris - Wretched

Again I start this, but I'll add a new twist
so the masses can't resist
The message brought by a Panther strictly
to relieve the disease of the sickly
So long your mind's been trapped
Slave, cause you're shamed to be black
Ignorant of the purpose of the
plan to keep the black man down under
So I'll address y'all this time
Make a statement that's on my mind
Brothers scared of revolution should be
thinkin of the way that we could be
Miss blue eyes, how'd you do that?
Tried to put him in but the skin is still black
Thinkin of a way to escape the darkness
See the weave and indeed I start this - off!

"Black is black is black is black" - off!
"Black is black is black is black"

In the mood of the move I'm showin
See the way the cliches have been torn
Cold spittin facts to the miracle earth born
So what's your next move, black?
Go to school or maybe join a frat
Still you seem lost, the mind is brainwashed
It can't be good cause your mind's the cost
So flip on your Young MC
Or Jazzy Jeff or whatever the case be
Mindless music for the masses makes ya
think less of the one that hates ya

Then trained to respect the game
and you turn your back on a black with the same claim
Oh blessed but you guess they mean less
because another brother can't afford to dress
the way you do but who said you're all that?
Made a little money now your skin ain't black?
C'mon I don't think your s***t don't stink
You can't run from the one whose primal instinct
is to fought the words I taught ya
Thought you moved quick but I just caught ya
Now you try to say that you don't remember me
I'm P-Dog from the B. P. posse
Or a mob, that's known as Scarface
Pro-black, and some think pro-hate
But in fact it's a call for unity
Heed the plea of weak we're soon to be

Move, start this..
"Black is black is black is black"
Enter, the darkside..
"Black is black is black is black"
Yeah.. funky..

Now who did you think that you were steppin to
once your job came through
Don't get big cause I caught your accent
Shoulda been real but you wanted mass appeal
Next time you might think of this
Might remember why I'm above this
But for now my brother I'll say
Peace on the positive tip there's a new way

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