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Funky lil' party - versuri Paris |
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Versuri Paris - Funky lil' party

Fin' ta roll to the party, still in demand
Troopin thicker than a ball team, packin the van
I was movin as a unit every brother stayin strapped
But still we got enough sense to never bust 'em too fast
And now I'm runnin a roll call, startin with D
Big Doc and Yon, K-Cloud and E
Young (?) Rich-O's, and my man A. B.
I can't forget Big Gene, still keepin the peace
Rollin stone still rollin on our way to the club
Every spot that we step into showin nuttin but love
Never payin to play and never waitin in line
but never lookin to start s***, but just a good time
And as we step into the place, you know the party is FAT
Females wall to wall, got us all back to back
Rollin thicker than butter, y'know the crew never lose
And some fools is jealous, cause the women is choose
I see hard stares and the glares from the young bucks
The stank of the dank could make a elephant knees buck
I'm makin my way to the bar for some juice
when the move was interrupted by two twins
and they friends sportin body suits
They said whattup, I said whattup, and they broke it down

They said they want to do the oochie coochie and spread it 'round
I stepped back, and had to think a minute cause damn G
If you'da seen what I was seein you woulda felt weak
But I thought fast, yo black I had to pa*s
I hate it when I see my sister movin too fast
I know you need some knowledge of self for your young a*s
Cause hoein only get your kids AIDS or crabs
But then, the funk start jumpin on the other side
Some brothers in the corner start to havin a fist fight
Gats pop, blacks drop, the party became a riot
And all because some niggaz didn't know how to act right
The fact is that it wasn't rap to blame
It's a shame that just a few can mess it up for the whole scene
But I said it once, and I'ma say it again
We better learn to love each other 'fore we all drop dead
It's like that y'all, it's like that y'all
I'm tryin to wake the black with mack raps y'all
It's alright y'all, so don't fight y'all
I'm tryin to keep us from killin up every night y'all
and just live..

"check the music playin" -> sample repeats to fade

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