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Versuri Paris Burning - Sleeping beauty

trimise de MadykinderMadykinder.

if I kiss her will she wake?
if I touch her will she break or fade away?
if I look her in the eye,
I fear that I should die, or fall in love

Sleeping Beauty, can I wake you
from your dream world?
will it shake you?
Sleeping Beauty, tale of ancient lore...
open up your doors

feel the ache, feel the pain
wash away these tears again
you want it all, you wanted more
I gave you my all and so much more!
if I gave you all my love,
would you take all my love?
would you take it all again?

I lie awake and feel the pain of innocence lost
listen to your heart beat now
please listen... it beats so strong
you seal up your tired heart
please listen to it beat once more
once again you fade away from me
crawl into the fires... glistening
and call upon the fire of your heart's design

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