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Versuri Nu in balcani (english version)
- Parazitii

trimise de K1dnapennnK1dnapennn.

Garcea is sickly gaping under his hemlet
We can a*sociate it with his foolish dick's phantom
Europe is f***d
She does not want to admit
That she had pursued just her interests and she cannot admit it!
We will leave you at the Stalin's mercy for 14 years
Or we will leave you in the concentration camp on the Sahalin island for 30 years
We are still biting and we have venom
Let's wake up ourself!
When Instanbul will come in Europe, we will pa*s it out.
You have 2 at geography, we are at North of Balkans

And you should eat my cock, the romanians aren'y gypsies.
We haven't kings or emperors, 'cause we havebeen abandoned
When our grandfathers were dying on the front.
You have ran into a luxurious exile to fight for us
And now we are searching for heroes.
Postcommunists have sold us, and they have sold our country
And you can see 14 years old children wearing T-shirts with Che Guevara.
Go eat my cock in 1001 summer nights
I do not have the soul, the bloond and the habits of a crow (with sense of "gypsy")
We do not live in Balkans, go study the real history, not the one that is teached in schools
Why do you always choose the simplest way?
You patrol in 4 paws, you have lost your sense of humor
And you cry like some lupus pussies patients.
If you are hero in Romania
You are a flies' pedestal
If you have something wonderful to say, they will want to shoot you!
The posterity will show us its a*s
And then we will hit it 'cause of our stupidity.