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Versuri Paralysed Age - Patricia in pain

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Patricia is alone she prepares herself for bed
Although she knows that she won't sleep this night
Patricia is so alone the boy she loved is gone
He left her wordlessly she can't believe in his suicide

She tries to close her eyes tries to move her lips
To say a little prayer but she's nearly paralysed
Patricia is so alone she feels the dew on her skin
And all she wants is to get close to him

She is alone she calls his name
She is alone it's all the same
She is alone she cries again
Cries for salvation Patricia in pain
She's alone she cries his name
Again again and again
She's alone she cries in vain
It's all the same again again
Patricia in pain

Patricia is alone she wants to sleep
But suddenly a ringing noise frightens her up
So she's answering the phone someone groans
On the line she hears his voice
He calls her name again and again

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