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Versuri Paradise Lost - Symphony x

trimise de IuliaalexandraIuliaalexandra.

In the cold misty morning
Gleaming rays awake the dawn
Here I stand A stranger in this land
Does your concience betray you
Falling from grace
Feel the sun on my face
Does desire still hold true.
Mystified by her beauty
Does the hunter pity his pray
Under starless skies all love must die
And fade away.... Take my hand -
Divine or Damned Make a stand -
Seize the day Ooh, yours or mine -
Damned or Divine
Draw the line - come what may....
Looking down from Ethereal Skies
Silent crystalline tears I cry BIS For all must say their last goodbye To Paradise....
My yearning is silenced
By angelic skin of white Love conquers all, though heavens fall
This fateful night.
Ooh, yours or mine - Damned or Divine
Draw the line - Serpentine
Love is a tragedy
All that I have, all that I'll never need Is right here inside
Let the winds of freedom
Be my guide. BIS BIS.
Say goodbye! goodbye... Horror!.
So I've cheated and I've lied
Been the victim of foolish pride
And I've begged, and I've crawled
And I've battled it and bled for it all
So I've savor The downfall Of Paradise.... BIS All will say the last goodbye!

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