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Versuri Law library
- Papoose

trimise de Rap_DiaRap_Dia.

This dedicated to all homies locked down
Don't give up hope. Keep your mind focused
Trigger Happy Pappy, Strong
Come On.

Take these bars and put 'em in your conversary
The laws is deadly, gotta get your mind ready
Pay attention you could be home by January
I like to welcome you to my law library

Hustlers who hustlin', gun busters who squeezin'
Gangstas who eatin, theives who sneak theivin'
If you still breathin' I like to welcome you
To section 190. 05 "Grand Jury Proceedings"
You broke the law allegedly, and you caught a case
You sittin in the cell with your hands on your face
The District Attorney they gotta get an indictment
So they take the case to the grand jury, you not invited
Now you could let the D. A. go and choose you fate
Or you could go to the grand jury and plead your case

No less than 16 people, no more than 23
A panel by Superior Court, understand me
Gotta look 'em in they eyes as simple as can be
Make 'em believe you innocent, you could be free
But you there's always a flip side to every coin
The judge, the legal aide, D. A. they all joined
And if you get indicted keep your memory foul
Cause you gotta tell the same story when you go to trial
Adolescents, adults, and juveniles
I hope jotting this down
If you locked up for more than 120 hours man just wait
Cause without the disposition of a felony complaint
Or commissment of a hearing they gotta open they gate
And give you a R&R, that's your 180. 80 date
This is just a briefing of the knowledge I process
In the belly of the beast they put you to the test
My law library, what chapter is next?
Section 120. 10 "Warrant of Arrest, " Law Library