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Versuri Law library (part 2)
- Papoose

trimise de Rap_DiaRap_Dia.

[End of Law Library part 1].

"This is just a briefing of the knowledge I process
In the belly of the beast they put you to the test
My law library, what chapter is next?
Section 120. 10 "Warrant of Arrest, " Law Library".

[Start of Law Library part 2 - Chorus].

Section 120. 10 "Warrant of Arrest, " Law Library
I promised you the rest
Call your friends on they Sidekicks and Blackberries
Tell 'em Papoose droppin' that Law Library
Take these bars and put 'em in your conversary
But you can't shop with that, you need fedy
Acquire this knowledge by any means necessary
Welcome to part 2, Law Library.

A local criminal court has a process
It's procedures they gotta go through to make arrest
If you don't understand I'll explain it
The soul function of this process is to bring you in for arraignment
Cops looking for you with guns, kinda dangerous
A bounty on your head illustrated
A piece of paper subscribed by an issuing judge
That contains the name of the court, the date it was issued, and a name
Or a title of an offense, the defendants full name
Nickname or government
Yeah man, they even write your nickname
Underneath is the police officer it reads his name
It's a court issued document with these things on it
This piece of paper has a name, it's called a warrant
Had a previous court date and you ignored it
Try not to make police contact, you got a warrant
Left a phone number at your crib, told you to call it
Ridin' around with your picture, you got a warrant
You got two choices on one hand
Do the Gingerbread Man, "Catch me if you can"

Living off the land, live on the lamb
You just a nephew to Uncle Tom and Uncle Sam
On the other hand if you street educated with a good lawyer
You could have the warrant vacated
If you got the bail money and you Thug-A-Cated
Fight the case from the outside, regulate it
Cause when a criminal action has been commenced
To issue a warrant they gotta get the court convinced
So they file what's called an accusatory instrument
They go through drastic measures to seek imprisonment
But if the instrument is not sufficient on its face
They paperwork ain't right they lookin' outta place
They didn't produce enough evidence, check this
That accusatory instrument get dismissed
No warrant is granted now the cop's p***d
Back out on the streets lookin' for a snitch
This goes out to all of my niggaz who on parole
You think it's a game 'cause you cool with your P. O
He's under supervision of his bosses
So if you ever slip, he gotta execute the warrant
He might care for ya but he authorized by his director
Within his geographical area
If you living on the run when the cops get you
They gotta inform you that a warrant has been issued
As long as you know your rights and you ask for it
Upon your request they gotta show you the warrant
So when they run up on you when you in the projects
Diggin' in your clothes pullin' out ya objects
Wanna bring you in for questioning man that's nonsense
I don't wanna talk if it's not a warrant for my arrest
What's the next chapter in my memory?
Section 105. 35 "Conspiracy, " Law Library