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Versuri Thug connection
- Papoose feat Az & Kool G Rap

trimise de Rap_DiaRap_Dia.

[VERSE 1: Papoose]
My lyrical tendency's equivalent to a critical felony
Precise behind bars like a criminal's penalty
Pinnacle definitely, hold so much jewels in my miracle memory
It's like I'm a physical treasury
Deep into weaponry, psychotic niggas who envy me
Wanna be nuts, so I bust nuts like my genitals sexually
Punished in my mother's stomach by swimmin through Hennessy
I was born with a difficult destiny, not your typical mentally
Givin my vision through treacheries
Syllable therapy, invincible visual energy
No artist identity resemble me, I flow like a mineral chemically
Cause I flow with a chemical chemistry
I can flow like the river through Tennessee
The mystical seventh sea, or currency at the Senegal embassy
At birth although it's umbilical regulary
They cut a mic chord and disconnected me
Leaders political threaten me for what I write in my lyrical melody
While others broke laws, I broke lyrical legacies
Flip forever, live for infinite, respect the P
It's Papoose, I conquered this caliber, next degree.

Did it all, with it all, want all, hit it all
Saw it all, now it's time to skid on and get it all
Lit it all, from the worsest to the nicest smoke
Skated out when the drought rose the price of coke
Life's a joke, your closest man'll slice your throat
For this pie, is it the high that you like the most?
Corrupt money though through the eyes it seems legit
For this green f***k them niggas that you team up with
I dance around with y'all, slap pounds with y'all
Then get y'all, so quick won't even know what hit y'all
Cock biddack, relaxed in a drop 'Liddac
Two seater, me and my meter cause we rocks like thiddat
It's hot like thiddat on them blocks with the giddats

F***k thiddat, never get knocked where you s***t at
Tit for tiddat you got guns so watch where you spit at
Learn the fiddacts, respect the round table that you sit at
This I'm ill at, the hustle and the bustlin
Street-tusslin, thuggin and the musclin
In house learned the routes and just adjusted in
Won't stop till the whole team is touchin ten
So who you roll with, puff weed with and load clips
Go to war with, kill up s***t for no chips
Frontline s***t, get money, do crime with
Front and shine with, freak off and f***k dimes with

[VERSE 3: Kool G Rap]
Aiyo, due to light and the thunder
You was under the seventh wonder, son your life's a blunder
Doomed, there soon will be nowhere to run to
But out of limits, this whole planet could be finished, diminished
Lose all of his tennants, takin all life that would dent it
Major destruction, tearin down every man construction
Volcanic eruption, lava leadin to human reduction
Life's grimmer for every livin mortal sinner
Chances are gettin slimmer when air in the atmosphere is gettin thinner
The five elements will expire
(?) earth, first water then when it will flame it will fire
Your hopes get higher, eyes witness the bright Messiah
Thought he'd fly you to God's empire but delivered you to hell's fire
Earthquakes and shakes, overflooded lakes, the dams breaks
To suffocate whatever's on the landscape
People hurtin, gettin bitten by Satan's serpents
Steadin insertin lies in they third eye to make em servants
Physical's over, you see more pain and reignin over
Souls that's clean and sober shine like supernovas off Jehova
Mountains crumble causin mankind to stumble
God and devil go at it, get prepared for the f***kin rumble