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Versuri Pantera - Valhalla

trimise de Luv_KeshaLuv_Kesha.

There is a place
Where every man who falls
In battle surely will go
And in this place
Lives a god
Who is their lord
One of knowledge
Who surely knows

Eyes are burning brightly
Shining on into the night
Heads are falling
Valkyries calling
Back the men to fight
For the terrifier
Magic mystifier
Preparation for victory
Mighty oh! valhalla
They're coming home
To valhalla

Each day the valiant
Armies of the past
Would fight outside the hall
Then in the evening
The vanquished would rise up
With the victors
And feast one and all

Written on the runes
The many tales of men of old
Ancient kings who ruled the land
A thousand years ago
Prayed to the terrifier
Magic mystifier
For knowledge and victory
Mighty oh! valhalla
They're coming home to valhalla

Come the final battle
Odinn charges on his steed
Fenrir's foe is thrusting home
But it was not to be
Now the terrifier
Magic mystifier
Vanquished but he will live on
Mighty oh! in valhalla
He's living on in valhalla

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