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Versuri Pantera - Death trap

trimise de Alex_ReppAlex_Repp.

I see you runnin'
You're gone
A million miles away
But you know i'm comin'
Violenz that
Blows you into space
And you think
You're gonna get away
Like you did before
But you're the type
I never feel sorry for, so

Fall into my death trap
Fall into my death trap

Life's paranoia
You're hiding in
The dark all day
At nite i call you
Cause i know
You're always wide awake
So you never

Sleep at all at nite
Of you're wasted life

So now i've got you
You're cornered like a fool
I terminate you
Live by my golden rule
Task complete
And once again i've won
Now i search
For another victim to come
I can't explain the sheer
Thrill of it all
Its such a chill
To watch the meek just fall

Death trap death trap
Death trap death trap
Fall in

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