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Versuri Pantera - D*g*t*t*m

trimise de Miki-StarMiki-Star.

This is dime
Open the door
Let me in!!

Warning a general surgeon
Has warned that d*g*t*t*m
May be hazardous to you mental,
As well as metal health.
To obtain maximum benefit
Follow these easy to follow
(1) barricade your door
(2) lock all existing exits
(3) place your stereo volume on 11
(4) lay back with your favorite indulgence and communicate
All p***y cats, guitars, budweiser
Botties, power hitters, primal grunts
And recorded bullshit are part
Of yet another metal magic
Mystery tour created by
Diamond darrell and the beast
Of pantera.... beware!!!!!!!

Check your heart rate now and
Take another hit

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