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Versuri Cowboys from hell
- Pantera

Under the lights where we stand tall
Nobody touches us at all
Showdown, shootout, spread fear within, without
We're gonna take what's ours to have
Spread the word throughout the land
They say the bad guys wear black
We're tagged and can't turn back.

(pre) You see us coming
And you all together run for cover
We're taking over this town.

(chorus) Here we come reach for your gun
And you better listen my friend, you see
It's been slow down below,
Aimed at you we're the cowboys from hell

Deed is done again, we've won
Ain't talking no tall tales friend
Cause high noon, your doom
Coming for you we're the cowboys from hell.

Pillage the village, trash the scene
But better not take it out on me
Cause a ghost town is found
Where your city used to be
So out of the darkness and into the light
Sparks fly everywhere in sight
From my double barrel, 12 gauge,
Can't lock me in your cage.




Step aside for the cowboys from hell!