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Versuri Pansy Division - Versatile

trimise de MamasitadMamasitad.

There's a few straight guys i know
They wanna know who plays the women's role
I shake my head and say it's not like that
Some guys have the imagination of a doormat
Our roles are not cast in stone
We trade of getting boned
Cause we're versatile
There's a few straigth guys i've known
There's a few straigth guys i've blown
They like women and make sure you don't forget it
But they've got a burning desire to GET IT
They want to know how taking it feels
Like Pete Townshend when he revealed
He's versatile
There's a few straigth guys i know
Tired of the traditional roles
There's nothing like a good vibrator
To jump start a bored m******r
Maybe dildo would enrish their lives
They could explain to their girlfriends and wives
They're versatile

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