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Versuri Paige - Here in the light

What went on when you were gone?
Cause you're never quite the same since
One, two, three, and suddenly you're acting kind of different

I remember back, back in the time
Before it happened before the scene of the crime
You were smiling and doing just fine
Here in the light

The ground you stood I understood
It was firm as far as I could see
Why you'd leave security
I can't help but wondering

I knew you back, back in the day
Before your fruit it began to decay
And I am missing you today
Here in the light
You won't want to hear what He has to say
But there's a different kind of love that'll say it anyway

Faithful friends don't condemn
And I'll always want the best for you
I'll fight this war face on the floor
Cause its all that I can think to do

I'm praying that maybe someday
You'll turn around and walk the other
And like a prodigal home to stay
Here in the light

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