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Versuri Pachanga - Hispano style

trimise de K-GirlK-Girl.

Ya, Hispano Style
Todos juntos los latinos

We came from Puerto Rico
Girls they love papasitos
Tu ya sabes mi estilo
Que pasa nena, I like your Style you look tide

Nights of Gold, Puerto Rico
Morenas like you,
que te digo
Listen to me, un ratito
Go back and forth,
turn around feel the sound

You wanna know why we are here
Yo si me lo traigo
dentro de mi corazon
You wanna know why we came back
Eso, barrio mio
En mi vida reggeaton, oh oh oh, ah, ah, ah

And everything of it is gonna make you hot
Everything of it is gonna make you clap
Everything, everything is gonna let you not stop
This is latino style

Everything of it is let your body rock
Everything of it is gonna make you drop
Everything, everything pushed you on the top
This is hispano style

Hispano Style,
In all the clubs tonight
It takes you by surprise
Don't turn on the lights, oh oh

Bring this party home... get that more
Change your backyard into a dancefloor
Everybody want to do this, this is a fiesta show
Everybody want me to shake and sing
Boys are getting crazy for me
Want to know this better
Yes sure you need to know...

Hispano style reggeaton te traigo pa que bailes.
Anda nena mueve esa cintura, yes i like it.
Papi chulo sierto right si mami soy latino u
Gib on muvement a ese ritmo
Hispano style baby, yes baby, look at me, ay mami, this papi, taste of it, see mami.
Look at me este papi tiene heat.
Es asi todo esto es para ti.
Soy latino, este reggeaton divino,
para ti mami chula, yo te lo dedico.
Dale fuerte a ese ritmo tan latino, a ese ritmo
mami straight from Puerto Rico.

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