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Versuri Set it off
- P. O. D.

Our time has come, watch me set it off
It's been a while but we back
So you can count it loss.

We lay and wait, don't hesitate
When opportunity knocks
Break the locks and rush the gates
Seize the day, we got moves to make
It's got to be now
Cause we're half past late.

Say what you say, but you ain't shown me nothin
If you want me to feel you
Then you best to show me something
All bark and no bite, talking all hype
I hang with the illest
You I don't recognize.

Desensitize and paralyze
Sabotage headquarters
Flood your bloodlines, we sterilize.

Here we come
Chant down dem Babylon
The wicked man when he sees me I go run
Me understand
Why dem cowards don't want none
Underground blaze the sound to Armageddon