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Versuri Godbye for now
- P. O. D.

trimise de HexodiusHexodius.

I can still see the light at the end of the tunnel shine
To the dark times even when i lose my mind
But it feels like no one in the world is listening
And i can't even seen to make the right decision
I walk around in the same hais
I still cut in my same ways
I lose time in a strange days
But somehow i always know the right things to say
I don't know what time it is
Who's the wone to blame for this
I belive what i can see
And how do you know witch way the wind blown
Cose i can feel it all around
I'm lost betwen the sound
And just when i think i know that she goes.

Goodbye for now
Goodbye for now so long.

Goodbye for now
I'm not the tipe to say i told you so
Goodbye for now so long
Think the hardest part in holding on is let me go.

When will recive a new song, a new song