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Versuri M-pire shrikez back
- Originoo Gunn Clapazz

[intro: starang wondah]
For real, y'all, word up
Hennyville guzzla, my nigga major blood
I roll with the muthaf***n leader, big rock
And the first and last general of this m. f. c. s***, sean p.
Doc holiday, the underboss
And i am the commander in chief of all operations, william h.
For life, y'all, word up.

[louieville sluggah]
Live and direct, straight from the projects
Will and hennyville, i'm lookin for the flyest
One night stand, out there to match my seats with
And if it's good, then i'll see her on the weekend
Page beepin, my will is slow leakin
Checkin little sis, she just got that a*s beatin.

[starang wondah]
Aiyo, who is that, nigga, big will, that always kick that
S***t that, make your bitch hot
Word up, my man hardcore, always actin like he never see cash
Tryin to be fast, spillin ashes in the heat clash
And bitches bumrushin me, feelin me without touchin me
Aiyo i step off stage, the crowd can't get enough of me
My crew walks out, aiyo turn this war into a talk out
We ain't beggin 'em, yo craig and them, bring the chalk out
Y'all sometimey, try and act like ya grimy
Knowin damn well, ya come behind me
You can find me and henny in the back of a six, with 2 chicks
Wit the windows up tinted, givin them two dicks.

[louieville sluggah]
Yo niggas ain't stoppin us from soda poppin
Bob marley spliffs, with the fly whip coppin
Money in my pocket, chicken heads flockin
Niggas stay watchin, systems stay rockin.

[starang wondah]
The m. f. c. for life, in this i do double
From brownsville, big will'll stay in the trouble
Sorry, my nigga, i didn't mean to burst ya bubble
But i hit that bitch, i didn't know you was a couple
Will with the skill so ill, it's that's pure
Sick with this s***, doctors can't find a cure
And it's on.

[chorus 2x: rock]
It's plain to see, you can't change me
Cuz i'm wit m. f. c. for ya life
They ask you, did you deed, stuck your key
You tell them m. f. c. for ya life.

It's impossible, to stop the money, who lyric ox you

I leave more niggas face down, then guliani cops do
My crew, he comin out to you movin that mach 2
I nerve block every pressure point, like i knew kung fu
On my name, with squattin ya keg, and i had a son too
Strap up, cuz you don't know how many dicks they broads run through
And my m. f. c., look they norman serve
Yo pa*s that hennyville real, so i can feel the swerve
And start earnin up words, and pushin whips on the curb
I start reachin for mics and makin niggas loose nerve, you heard
Super blind side, multiply to the third
My word is bond like james, you spit game, i spit flame
And while you playin around, i'm takin aim
I feed you information, til i overload ya brain
And your body shut down and goin in shock from the pain
First come lightning, then the thunder's on, and then come rain.


[starang wondah]
All the m. f. c. 'ites worship the ground that i walk on
I bless these mics that i talk on
Cats is blinded, lookin for rhymes, ya can't find it
Lookin out for what will say, nigga rewind it
This nigga lost me, knowin starang, it's extra flossy
Coolin on the ave, where all my magnum force be
If it cost me, a g or two, i'mma see you
And wouldn't wanna be you, catch you without a preview
Leave you in the dust without a gun to bust
Make your a*s forever regret, f***n wit us.

[louieville sluggah]
The name henny, weighin in at 150, shorty say he packin plenty
Couldn't be any one out there like henny (god damn right)
You can bet that on your life, front your wife
For real, will wanna slice, is like lewinski
Given hed to prez and vice (she too nice)
Forever twist the law for life
M. f. c. life is do what the f***k we want (got that right)
And bob mar' swab, droppin bloodshed into blessing
Came in the name of love, so nigga, flame it up
I caught pain from the breakup, yo i had to regain
I'm checkin shorty with the make-up
My number one thought of course, bout when she wake up
Six in the morn', still i'm chasin paper.

[chorus 3x]