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Versuri Hurricane strang
- Originoo Gunn Clapazz


Im Duck Down staff even when I'm by myself
Im Boot Camp Clik even when I'm by myself
Im Fab 5 even when I'm by myself
Im OGC even when I'm by myself.


Verse 1.

Hang that a*s up like a poster
got niggas out and not sure who be screamin Eshkoshka
[Rock]They dont know ya so I cant see why they wanna start ya
[Strang]Its a shame Strang got more aim than an archer
M. P. Rock please prepare my ship for departure
beat these young boys a*s and make em run and get they fathers
niggas get dropped from the hip hop culture
its the ultra Mc fly like a vulture
1, 2 I come thru on the humble
beast from the east call me king of the jungle
beast from the east.. beast from the east.. beast from the east.

Strang cummin like a hurricane lickin shots
when I roar like a grizzly they say damn he gets busy.

Verse 2
I be Grand like Puba but I most move wit Dru Ha
puts the B in hoo-ya, Strang cummin thru ya
scream halleluyah, but it still wont help ya
run from OGC and get caught by Heltah Skeltah
jack to the other side, run for cover hide
and you still wouldnt be safe even if I let em slide
This aint baseball, I waste yall, ask no question
attack from the back from the Black Smif N Wessun
I be rubbishin, any crew that claims they be bubbilin

get that a*s capped
like them niggas when they be handlin my publishin
I be lovin when fake rappers
question my status when my crew be the phattest
add this, you can ask my man the Big Kahuna
kablow make you say yaow like Junior
[Rock]You been warned
[Strang]The storms in the atmosphere
move over make room gunn clappers here
cuz its ill how I kick lyrical skill wit the force
no joke when I leave ya chokin off the exhaust
of course, who else could it be but Mr. Strang
who'll hit that a*s from every angle
they dont really wanna tangle.


Verse 3.

[Rock] Ay yo Strang
[Strang]Wha*sup son
[Rock]You should let em know exactly why you be number 1
I dont think they understand...

First of all Strang comes first and foremost
my first instinct would be to burn yall wack raps like toast
f***k the first day of school
Im on 1st Ave
at the First National Bank so I could fly first cla*s
and I be the first in line
crack that a*s before I even kick to kick my first rhyme
Im in the Hall like Aaron puffin l's all day
first command mister keep the fat broads away
fresh fly, OGC be the best by,
puff lai wit my nigga Tek out of Bed-Stuy
Then I, come thru wit the wickedness
who be kickin this.. Strang I light s***t up like christmas.