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Versuri God don't like ugly
- Originoo Gunn Clapazz

BDI Productions, always gets played (on the air that is)
DuckDown staff, featuring Originoo Gunn Clappaz (commin at yah)
I be the original (huss) Starang Wondah, (make yah) wonder where I come from
Word is bond, James Bond, the palce to be.

(Starang Wondah)
Watch where you walk in the streets of New York
Where the sign says don't walk but people still walk
Don't talk, f***k the neighborhood that you be livin
Where we stomp you out with Timberlands and blow you to oblivion
Plus its like every mother f***ker that I meet
Want to stop me and kick rhymes dead in the street
Walk around in their disguise
(Spread their rumors and their lies)
But now they all recognize
DuckDown in the prize.

(Louisville Sluggah)
I give it to the boy, word bond, he got balls
There's too many bottles on these walls first of all
Fools die coarsely, sceeming rap sheets for thoughts
Lying harshly defeated seeking things he didn't earn
Niggas do burn unlearned so they live torture

And outta beat that a*, I be, just like poppa
But get this, do, know of Jahovah
But witness two concrete streets meet these soldiers.

(Starang Wondah)
Plus just last week I seen Asia and Monique
Walk right past my a*s and didn't even speak
He said she said I'm happy like Mary J.
Wear my hair nappy while I sip Alizae
Sometimes walkin', in the storm gets muggy
Ask D. O. G-O-D don't like ugly.

Smile in my face, behind my back they talkin' trash.

Mad and stuff because your crew won't last.

Smile in my face behind my back they talkin trash.

Ask D. O. G-O-D don't like ugly.

(Top Dawg)
Your name must be Chris (why?)
Cause nigga you done crossed over
Lookin for ways back but you got lost
As another alli gets crushed into dust
F***n around with us nigga you know it's dangerous
So trust me, when I'm, smellin your fear