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Versuri Boom... boom... f***g prick
- Originoo Gunn Clapazz

So Barry, the f***n prick, busts into my office. And he comes in, hes stormin,
and hes runnin around saying hey man i want my f***n royalty check man i want
my money right now
man i says listen HEY!
we had a f***n contract aight we had a deal
so he storms more and i says hey listen aight?
i pull out my f***ng gun, i go into my drawer, i pull out my gun, and i look
him in the eye and says hey you dont f***ng scare me man.
so i hit him,
BOOM! BOOM!! put him on the f***n floor man dont you f***n come in here man
who the f***k do you think you are?