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Versuri Olivia Newton-John - Making movies

Gene: You need a writer.
Olivia: Try Sly Stalone?
Gene: He'd write a fighter.
Olivia: "Hmm. "
Gene: You like a lighter tone; get Neil Simon.
Both: He's got the timing for making movies
Olivia: "Comedies, yup. "
Gene: "You like that? "
Olivia: "Yeah, but... " I like the sad ones.
Gene: I always cried.
Olivia: "I've seen some bad ones. "
Gene: At least they tried.
Olivia: And not in a shy way...
Gene: Frank did it "My Way" when we made movies.
Olivia: "Yes, you made a lovely couple. "

Gene: Hey, maybe he'd sing our theme song?
Olivia: Written by Sammy Caan.
Gene: "Very tasty. "
Olivia: "Yeah. "
Gene: Partner, we could not go wrong with something by Elton John.

Olivia: "Elton John? "
Gene: "Elton John! "
Olivia: Oh, that sounds expensive.
Gene: A good film is. Don't be apprehensive.
Olivia: Well, I'm not a business whiz.
Gene: "I hear you're smart. "
Olivia: "I got my start... " in making records.
Gene: "And that's a very good business. "
Olivia: "It's a living. "

Gene: Let's think about who directed.
Olivia: I'll work with only you.
Gene: "Oh, Olivia! "
Olivia: "Yes! "
Gene: What if I went and wrecked it?
Olivia: "Oh, Gene! " That's something you'd never do.
Gene: "This says you! "

Olivia: We need an actor!
Gene: Someone with height when Cagney smacked her...
Olivia: Or Humphrey Bogart said, "Looking at you, kid. "
Gene: Let's get a new kid and make a movie.

Olivia: "How 'bout a musical? "
Gene: "Now you're catching on! "
Olivia: Let's get a dancer!
Gene: Travolta's hot.
Olivia: "I know, but I've the answer. "
Gene: "What is it, partner? "
Olivia: Why not give us a shot?
Gene: I like your style.
Olivia: So versatile... we're gonna dance now.

[Dance routine]

Gene: "My turn? "
Olivia: "Yeah. "

Olivia: "Whoo! "
Gene: "Hey! Good! "

Both: We're making movies! "

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