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The distance - versuri Oliver James feat Clasic |

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Versuri Oliver James feat Clasic - The distance

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The sky has lost its colour... The sun has turned to grey At least that's how it feels to me When
ever you're away I crawl up in the corner To watch the minutes pass... Each one brings me closer to
The time you're coming back... REFREN (.. I can't take the distance... I can't take the miles..... I
can't take the time until.... I next see you smile!.............. I can't take the distance........
And i'm not ashamed......... That with every breath I take I'm calling you're name)... I can't take
the distance I still believe my feelings.... But sometimes I feel too much... I make believe you;re
close to me...... But is ain't close enough...... Not nearly close enough!! REFREN X2

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