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Versuri I wanna f***k
- Ol' Dirty Bastard

[Intro: Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Yo, I got love for you girls
All my Sweet Suger Pies
This is dedicated to youuuu.

[Royal Flush]
Hey baby what's your name? Look at your whole frame
Compliment me on my chain, she bling it so I did the same
Where we goin' from here? Lets smoke and drink in Belverdere
Askin' me about my peers, where I been for all these years
Starin' at my car yeah, notice money round here
Please baby show your speed, nuff talk about me
Where you work? What's your hobby?
Married, or got kids to some bonnie
Famous for karate
What's your number, call you probably
Waited for a week ot two, didn't see what we gon' do
Came through, new car XL on them 22's
Knock and marry, straight to her I wanna hit it badly
Then she startin' barkin', said "first we gotta get married"
I hate this bitch, all I wanna do is hit the nappy
Gassed her head up, tell her anything tha make her happy
Straight to the hotel, she suck dick and f***k well
Asked me for my house number, I gave her Ol' Dirty's cell.

[Chorus: singer]
When I'm sippin' on the henny, make me wanna f***k,
wanna f***k, wanna f***k
When I'm thinkin' of them bitches I don't fall in
love, fall in love, fall in love
All I ever do is get high and f***k, bust a nut, bust a nut
ODB and Royal Flush don't give a f***k, bitches what?.

[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
If a girl is a slut, with a hole in her butt

Who used to be a meaty-bone puppy cow little mutt
Came to my house smellin like trout
I said, "Doggie doggie get the f***k out!! "
Let me tell you about the rash from the neck
it's enough to put the ring around the collar in check
She's nothin but a bitch other known as a witch
with an irritating ITCH from trying to switch
Strung out a*, foggin up glass
Tellin all the niggas that the bitch first class
Smoke a bag of hash with the money she stash
Tear up the whiff, that appear in her Tabernacle Prayer
But the only thing holy was her s***y underwear.


[Royal Flush]
Head anytime I wannit, C-O 600
World my state stuttin', girls come in diamond dozen
F***k hard, niece and cousins, doin' what your niggas wouldn't
Fattin' like the white guttin', 85 I put my foot in
Buck Scotties still pimpin', stay puttin' long dick in
White p***y our commission, hit it while you when out fishin'
Dog I be f***kin' bitches, while you be duckin' stitches
And don't think cuz I'm a mack I won't buck at bitches
Mad cuz my chain is bigger, rims look a little thicker
Lifetsyle's alot richer, you actin' like low hitchin'
Get a heater on my strippers, maybe y'all gon' hit it
No rhymin', dance in a minute
cuz everybody that I popped tonight at least had 3 E's in it.
3 E's in it.

[Chorus x2]