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Versuri Here comes the judge
- Ol' Dirty Bastard

[Intro: Ol' Dirty Bastard {Buddha Monk}]
I was drivin' an Accord cart, nominated at awards
Back in the days drivin' an Accord
Run-uhhn-uuhhn-uhhn, nominated at awards
Back in the days drivin' an Accord
Everybody rise (Wu-Tang)
(This slang) You know (this rhyme) you came to America
(that's our thang)
(I hang) And took over the black woman (and her reply)
(Is slang) The black woman wanted the Judge
They runnin' from the cops
They run, runnin', run, runnin', runnin', runnin'
Here Comes the Judge [x8]
{Give it to me now}.

[Ol' Dirty Bastard (girl)]
Here comes my Mac
I don't need this s***t owned by stack
I don't need you to monitor my perimeter (I wanna car for mine)
Got me Accord, take me to judge
[sniff] Sittin' broke
Nominated at awards
Back in the days drivin' Accords
I didn't have nothing to give
I didn't have no life to live
Bastard C'Mon

[Break: Buddha Monk (Ol' Dirty Bastard)]
Hey hey excuse me Russell Jones
Will you please calm down and tell the story?
Just the story (heh heh)
We want nothing else, just the story
(No disrespect Judge)
(Dirty a*, Dirty a*, Dirty a*)
"I come camoflauged" --> [Zoo Keeper]
(Dirty scorpian)
"Uh uh Judge you oughta peep me, sir don't you remember me"

"No who are you boy? "
"Well I'm the baller that introduced you to your wife"
"To my wife? Get a life you son of a bitch".

[Buddha Monk]
Yo, start the attack with dirt up cats thats wack
Wants to be a gun blazer but jacks the flavor tracks
I numb out frames, don't blame it on the coccaine
What is sure to be the blame is the bullets of which you obtained
Zoo or Zi Tribe and will live to be trifle
News stands everywhere shows Zoo homicidal
Extra extra read all about it
Dirt Dog's Dirty cousin kills off Franklin and Madison
This Dirty hiphop, tryna stop the raw lights
Zu shoot down on the block, I need beamie of Scotch
Block is mad hot, bad boys want their f***n hollar
Asked for Information, got it from a bitch named Tmara
Click click, a bloaw bloaw bloaw
Wish y'all woulda crawled with her
Would have killed that bitch off, and f***d her ugly daughter

[Outro: Judge]
Mr. Russell Jones and Mr Ellery Chambers
Would you please stand
The court finds you guilty as charged
I am the honorable Judge Pigmy
No longer will you make a mockery of the justice system
The honourable Judge Pigmy
As spoken
I sentence you to life
I have the knowledge
I am the Judge [x8]