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Versuri Ol' Dirty Bastard - Dirty the moocher

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[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Ladies and gentlemen introducing Cab Calloway
Featuring the Dirt Dog
First things first man you're f***n with the worst
I'll be stickin pins in your head like a f***n nurse
I'll attack any nigga who slack in his mack
Come fully packed with the fat rugged stack
The heat is on, I'm about to blow up the spot
All I wanna see is fire cause I'm makin s***t hot
Like the blow between glocks, mad niggas I shot
Give a f***k on a cop, conversate with a lock
Down at the chop-chop, 600th and Rock
Crazy as a fox tryin to rob Fort Knox
The DeNiro-Al Pachino war
Tryin to score mad dough like a million or more
For the illegal war that's all I saw
It's all about that knot in ya
I'm alone, I roll with 6 niggas with stones
Every hour tap my phone with embezzlement stones
Get a loan from the stocks because of my pops
Fifty bills in the pocks, Wu-Gambino got props

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