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Versuri Dirty & stinkin'
- Ol' Dirty Bastard


Yo, this ain't a Wu-Tang type slang, know what I'm sayin?
I wanna just represent the whole Clan
you know what I'm sayin?
The GZA, Prince Rakeem, you know what I'm sayin? , Ghostface Killah
Shallah Raekwon, Inspectah Deck, Baby-U, Method Man, 12 O'Clock
Dirty O', 62nd Assa*sinater, know what I'm sayin? , style is coming

This recorded and it's dirty and it's stinkin', funkier than regular
Abuse, so I was thinkin' - about, droppin' this single on the charts
lettin ya know, hey! - the kid has heart, I never deny myself as being
Dope, but in my last jam, didn't slep on my notes
You thought that I was weak, huh? , let me speak
My rhymes come funkier than ya grandfathers feet, so listen mister
Don't you ever forget the rhyme is dirty, you couldn't even clean it
With Comet, for even more axe, some try Ajax
Only mix with the best, 48-tract-ya
I get down with the 8 sole sounds
Lyrics that be flowin' from miless around, so let the music
Shut ya a*s up, then feel the uppercut, now I make ya fall to ya rutt.

[62nd Assa*sin:].

Cabush!!!! , can I get up? - Oof!! - Crazy Stouf!!
Mad chamerz comin' at ya! , a 62nd Assa*siner, strap into ya staminer
A hardcore freakin' avenor, tearin' up the vibe for set
Wit the mystery of Chess, -Boxin' at your mutherf***' text
Then ya slip, when I flip, only on that combatic s***t
Rhymes comin straight from the f***' pits, so toggle up
Don't puddle up, better yet just duck, I'm callin all earth-forms

Huh! , I don't play games, I make pain, or migraines
Stick it to ya a*s like pain's, who in the hell did, ever drop s***t
Rammin' the mic, with 5 fingers of death, then bombed s***t
Like big momma, ya long gone, along with desert storm
But have ya not heard, Word is bond.


62nd Assa*sinator, comin' at a theatre near you
It's Dirty and it's Stinkin', Yeah
It's Dirty and it's Stinkin', Yo
It's Dirty and it's Stinkin', Yes
It's Dirty and it's Stinkin'
(I wanna tell ya somthin').

Yo! , Let me continue, verse number 2, style is wild, dirty stinkin
Like (? - doodoo), If ya hangin' around, ya change ya mind
It is a bad influence, but yo! , it's my rhyme
I sit down and I say to myself (self), yo
are you ready to top ya self?
I drop the single for you to get a dose of, As I lay back
Like a pillow on a sofa, gettin' paid? , yehhh! , right, would it?
Why asking me, G? what, what, what, what, you know me
My mouth is sugar, sweet as a honey bee, taste like a forty
Stinkin' like Old-E'! , but I drink Ol' English so I speak Ol' English
You gotta be Dirty and Stinkish, and if it's not, well I guess I'm not.

The A-S-O-N my friends
It's Dirty and it's Stinkin'
It's Dirty and it's Stinkin', Baby
It's Dirty and it's Stinkin', Yes
It's Dirty and it's Stinkin', I said
It's Dirty and it's Stinkin'
It's Dirty and it's Stinkin'.

Over and over
Wu-Tang comin through ya town