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Versuri Dirty dancin *
- Ol' Dirty Bastard

trimise de EpsxEpsx.

Artist: Ol Dirty Bastard w/ Method Man
Album: Return to the 36 Chambers - the Dirty Version
Song: Dirty Dancin *.

* - originally appeared on the Jerky Boys soundtrack, bonus cut on CD
* - was originally listed as a Wu-Tang Clan song.

(Ol Dirty Bastard is doing a Martin Lawrence comedy skit from Raw)
(this is going on in the background during the Intro and part
of the first verse).

You know God damn well I don't smoke this s***t Meth
*coughing* Know damn well I don't smoke this sheyit
Know damn well!
I remember when we used to go down to the creek
Member when we used to go down to the creek?
And used to dip your head in the water?
Everybody thought you had it in you, you know
You used to jump out the water
the water used to glisten alllllll over your bohhhhhhdy
What? I said the water used to glisten alllllll over your bohhhhhhdy.

Intro: Ol Dirty Bastard.

Clean out my vocals
Yeah, I said YEAH
I said zuckazuhzuhzuh, zuckazuhzuh
*more nonsense noises*
chkccha ckchcka Brooklyn, zucka Zoo
C'mon baby baby, baby, baby
Baby, baby, baby, c'mon!.

Verse One:.

Superlogical this, superlogical that
I detect a nigga dialect by the way he rap
I elect myself President MC
My career so intelligent, unique physique
Then with mathematics, not democratic
static, topic, Asiatic
Zssshuh, them unique, never leak, brlaharl..
Bring it on back.

Superlogical this, superlogical that
I detect your dialect by the way you rappp!
I elect myself President MC
My career so intelligent, unique physique
Doin mathematics and I'm not democratci
No static, topic, I'm Asiatic
See, I'm Unique, never.. blarhalal..

Verse Two: Method Man, Ol Dirty Bastard.

Crazy, lurkin in the shadows, I'm shady, sheisty

Get your weight up, don't take me lightly
Blasted, dirty to the grain I be stained with the madness
It's the Meth-Tical with the Bastard.

MZA MZA my name is the Ol Dirty Bas
My gammmmme, to kick your a*s
Dnnah duh dnnh dnnh duh duh!
Dnnah dnh duh duh duh dahhhhhh!.

Flip and relax, take an Ex-Lax, I'm s***ttin
on the industry that was frontin now they missin
What everybody else is gettin
Cuz they wasn't representin the real..

.. appeal, like me and, old time
When it comes to the microphone who killed the swine?
Be the original G
Do the rhymin on time and in the place to be.

Interlude: Old Dirty Bastard, Method Man.

You are now in my trance
You are getting sleeeeeepyyyyyy
You are now getting sleeeepyyyyy
and sleeeeppieeerrrrr
And sleepy, and sleepy.

Verse Three: Method Man.

This one here's for my people, my people
Enter the 36 chambers, the sequel
Part two, for me and the cipher troop
With the Teflon lyrics that you can't get through
With the twenty-two automatic rap you pack, what?
You ain't hittin with that wack s***t you kickin
Straight from the beginning, of the game
All the way to the ninth inning, I bring the pain
Dark like the midnight train on the track by the RZA
Diesel like Arnold Schwarzanegger.

Outro: Ol Dirty Bastard.

The hardware, choose the hardware
Ask you a question, test the Ason
Extra extra, read the drama and thennn another one
which you intrigue, do your rap fatigue in the..
Here I go, aauhhh
(s***t that makes me high) *2.

*2 - leads into Harlem World on the album version