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Versuri Oceana - Cry, cry, cry

trimise de NinaNina.

When she was a young girl
She used to play with me
I was her best friend
We were inseparately
We love to ride our bike
Playin' hide and seek
Sneeking all the night
Dancing in the street
I look back at the time
Now I realise
She loved to play with fire
I should have seen it in her eyes
I should have seen it in her eyes.

Refren :x [x2]
Deep inside, you cry cry cry
Don't let your hopes, die die die.

She fell in love for the first time
He was older than her
Than he made her do things
First she wouldn't dare.
She left everything behind
Couldn't find a place
Running through the night
loosing all her faith
She throws away the pain
Turning off her lies
But still he makes her see
Like everything's alright
Like everything's alright.

Ref. x2

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