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Versuri Everasia
- Novembre

Si inizia un nuovo viaggio
di terra, aria, e mare
e poi volare, sino a quasi il sole sfiorare.

(A new jurney begins,
by earth, air and sea
and then flying 'till almost caressing the sun).

Issa oh, oh issa
issa oh, oh issa
issa oh, oh issa
issa oh, oh.

Da padre a figlio
da padre a figlio
da padre al figlio del figlio.

(From father to son
form father to the son of the son).

Feel the summer in this morning
and it's thousands passions riding
riding us to farther seas and rising
dreams of Everasia.

And the gold is there, just cross that
bridge of clay, damn!
be brave an take that treasure where
your father spent strength.

And I avoid the mire in which
my legs has falter
the boots are laced, the eastwind

leads you, dear old ship,
way Everasia.

Alla fine delle righe, solo il
tempo per capire
che si muore e il tempo non si ferma mai
ma per te che sai gioire son
bugie da ignorare
vivi sempre non morire mai.

(In the end of the lines thre's just the
time to realise
that we die and the time never stops.
These are nothing but lies to you, who bear joy.
Do never die, live forever).

Oceanheart, non-forgotten
soon will rise from its deepest self,
it will rise
to its primal splendour, it will rise back.

Atlantis, new knowledge
new geometry, new astronomy, magic.

Religion of the science
e*****g its churches
devoid of heavens.

It's fire, what we need it's fire,
for this world gone, fire, fire