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Versuri Come pierrot
- Novembre

Dream sweetest dreams
aqualunae dreams.

Come with me up the stairs of the rainbow at the horizon
made of drops of down
don't worry, I'm just the guardian of your playground
when the day has gone down.

But I'm closing dawn of me, closing down on me.

I'm wondering who's my guide towards the horizon
Will I ever know?
'cause I'm not allowed to have dreams except for one
Please be my only one.

And it seemed so long and shining bright.

Stasera piovon gocce d'acqua di luna

ed io arroccato quassù come Pierrot..

(Tonight moonwater drops are falling
as I'm sheltered un here just like Pierrot..).

Farewell oh my dear moon, goodbye
You gave me shelter when dogs howled.

The time has come, my task is now done
keep shining forever!.

A sweet tune accompanies my last bits of life
lulling my passing away.

Dream the sweetest dreams
Aqualunae dreams
Take my hand ahd dream
Aqualunae dreams