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Versuri Totally f***d
- Nofx

We were drinkin' with Pollak
He drank a 5th of vodka
He told me that he loved me
and then he kicked me in the chest
?? heart ache
the chances of us winning are about 1 in 16
he talked about the old days
and the legions, there were many
the crew "4-5-6" some cheap n mother f***.

and how it was totally f***!
We were drinkin' at the froggin'
with 2000 dirty squatters
We didn't want to fight them,
so instead they beat each other up
the squatters don't have money,
but at least they don't have showers
So when they're drinking their own p***s
We didn't think much of it.

The moral of this story
Don't use your better judgement
Cause what good is an evening
If you can't even remember..

Just how it was totally f***!

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