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Versuri The plan
- Nofx

THE PLAN Life In The Fat Lane (FAT 4)
Call it libertarian 'cos we do as we please
don't need fear of force to foster no morality
morals are a substitute concern in someone's ear
They're basically a by-product of home, I think it clear
The plan, the plan
It's nothing like the bible, there's no lesson to be learned
It ain't the 10 commandments, cuz nothing's written in stone
It has to do with freedom and personal liberty
I don't f***k with you, don't f***k with me
The blueprints of a better world
were printed on a postage stamp
No one bothered to read the front
stick out their tongue to lick the back
The plan, the plan
If you're not part of the cure,
you're part of the disease
father time will tell us who concedes
The blueprints of a better world
disguised, getting revealed as fortunes
Ten thousand chinese restaurant
customers prefer not to read
and when they're done don't think, just leaving (might be "eating")
a turning point we call the plan.

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