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Versuri Suits and ladders
- Nofx

trimise de DineroDinero.


got manicured fingers and toes.

I got 4 layers of pee-soaked clothes but I''m still condescending.

Your as and teeth permanent browned.

Your face is permanently frowned and I have everything I want.

Your life''s gotta really suck.

You gotta hustle all day just to make the bucks.

To get high enough just to forget about what you''ve become.

You''re the one who lives nowhere.

You think you''re life''s more than a game of suits and ladders.

When nothing really matters.

You''re not just fluous, you''re superfluous.

You don''t actually do anything, a human redundancy.

40 year old Macallans, 40 Old English ounces.

Henry the IV double shot.

I just finished a bottle of Old Crow.

I just bought a case of Chateau Margaux, not the 95, the 96.

Your house is of corrections.

Your house is full of collections of crap you bought from selling others out.

You''re the one who has nothing.

Your life is a game of unstable bladders, when nothing really matters.

You woke up today covered in droppings (stock or bird).

When the bottom drops, my life won''t change a bit but yours will turn to s***t.

You are a superfluous man, I am a superfluous man.

You''re quite a superfluous man, I am a superfluous man

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