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Versuri I wanna be your baby
- Nofx

Open your cells let me inside.
Open your arms I have no where to go so let me into you.
I need to be where nothing can hurt me.
Open your legs to let me crawl inside of you I to be inside your womb
so take me home inside of you envelope me im home
bringin' me down
bringin' me down
i wanna be your baby
bringin me down'
open your lips and take me in i need to be inside within
let me become a part of you
let me inside of you swallow me whole
i want to know tjhe things you hide
i want to feel the things you feel
i want to breath the air you breath
i want to live inside of you, take me
bringin' me down
i wanna be your baby
let me live inside

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