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Versuri I don't want you around
- Nofx


nny, so many times I tried to get away.

But you kept following me all over town.

I'll display it, there's no way to say it.

I don't just want you,.

I just don't want you around.

I don't want you around,.

you follow me around.

It's really bringing me down.

I don't want you around.

When it was time to go I had nothing to say.

Don't you look at me,.

don't you look at me that way.

";I love you! "; Oh, really? Please go away.

What gave you the idea?.

Get it out of your head.

You follow us around,.

we're not the Grateful Dead.

I wanted to be friends but you wanted more.

So, like I told you before,.

I don't want you around

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