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Versuri Franco un-american
- Nofx

I never thought abouit the universe, it made me feel small
I never thought about the problems of this planet at all
Global warming and radioactive sites
The imperialistic wrongs and animal rights, NO!.

Why think all the bad things when life is so good
Why help with an "am" when there's always a "could"
Let the whales worry 'bout the poisons in the sea outside of California, it's foreign policy
No I don't wnat changes I've no reactions your dilemmas are my distractions.

That's no way to go Franco Un-American, that's no way to go Franco Un-American
I never looked around never second guessed, then I read some Howard Zinn now I'm always depressed
And now I can't sleep from years of apathy, all because I read a little Noam Chomsky
I'm eating vegetation cuz a Fast Food Nation, I wear uncomfortable shoes cuz of globalization
I'm watching Michael Moore expose the awful truth, I'm listening to Public Enemy and Reagan Youth
I see no world peace cuz of zealous armed forces, I eat no breath mints cuz they're from de-hoofed horses
Now I can't believe what an absolute failure, the president's laughing cuz we voted for Nader.

That's no way to go Franco Un-American, where can we go Franco Un-American
I wanna move north and be a Canadian, or hang down low with the nice Australians
I don't wanna be another I don't care-ican, what are we gonna do Franco Franco

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