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Versuri And i'm going to hell with this one
- Nofx

trimise de Moarte_TragicaMoarte_Tragica.

Jesus Christ will resurrect
He's got his BMI royalty to collect
He's no the white fragile hippie
He looks and acts more like an indignant ICE-T
Jesus Christ is coming back
He wants to kick Mel Gibson's a*s
Superstar, The Pa*sion of
He wants his money, not your love.

He's been kickin' 2000 years
He's fixed a lot of sports
and drank a million beers
Some ecstasy, a thin white line
He says designer drugs beat the hell out of wine
Jesus Christ on vacation
Spreading ma*s sacreligion
"*x and drugs, we abstain"
He thinks Christians are insane
They don't know love,
they know fear and moral hauteur
Scare tactics I never taught
"If you're gonna look to me,
better get rose colored shades,
Cuz what you see is what you get"

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