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Versuri No Question - Eternal love

It was the first time I saw you
I wanted to know you name
My heart was beating so fast
it is driving me insane.
You walked so close to me
I can feel the way you breath
You look so good to me
you sexyness knocks me off of my feet.

Eternal love
that's what you are
near or far
stay in my heart

I don't even think
I can leave my life without you
cause everytime I think of you
I knew my love was true
As I lay on my pillow at night
you the only one I dream of
I close my eyes and think of you
In eternal Love


Everytime I see you
I just close my eyes
and think of me and you
I just want us to be together
for every cause baby me love is so true.

Eternal lo--oo-vv-ee


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