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Versuri Hey baby
- No Doubt

trimise de KarlaaaKarlaaa.

Hey baby, hey baby, hey,
Girls say, boys say
Hey baby, hey baby, hey baby baby,
I'm the kinda girl
That hangs with the guys
Like a fly on the wall
With my secret eyes
Takin' it in
Try to be feminine
With my make-up bag
Watchin' all the sin
Misfit I sit
Lit up, wicked, everybody else
Surrounded by the girls
With the tank tops and the flirty ways
I'm just sippin' on chamomile
Watching boys and girls
And their s*x appeal
With a stranger in my face
Who says he knows my mum
And went to my high school
Refren: All the boys say
Hey baby, hey baby, hey
Girls say, girls say
Hey baby, hey baby, hey, hey baby, baby
Hey baby, hey baby, hey

Boys say, boys say
Hey baby, hey baby, hey
All the boys get the girls in the back
I'm the one they feet upon
Give a bit a star is born
And if you hide enough
You'll get the pass
And you can tell your friends
How you made it back
No matter what they say
I'm still the same
Somehow everybody knows my name
And all the girls wanna get with the boys
And the boys really like it
Bounty Killer:
Chech it out, it's Bounty Killer
And No Doubt
Jump on the stage
Makes me goin' crazy
Afterwards myself
And one of them gorgeous ladies (that's right)
There is no need
To be actin' shady
Come on baby..