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Versuri Nirvana - Paper cuts

When I'm feeling tired. She puts food through the door.
I crawl towards the cursed light. Sometimes I can't find my way.
Newspapers spin' round. Soaking all that they can.
The cleaning is too kind. A good hosing down.

The lady whom I feel a maternal love for.
Cannot look me in the eyes.
But I see hers and they are blue.
And they cock and twist and m******.
I say so [x3]
Nirvana [x6]

Black windows a problem. I scratch with my nails.
I see others just like me. Why do they not try to escape.
But we're not the only ones. They point in my way.
They come with the flashing lights. And take my famliy away.

And very later I have learned to accept some friends of ridicule.
My whole existence is for your amusement.
And thatis why I'm here with you.
Don't take me away. I've found. Nirvana [x8]

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