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Versuri Let it go
- Nina Sky

I'm to the point where I can't take no more your immaturity
it adds ton fustrating like those things you say
actin' like you aint feelin' me,
your boys come around then you start thrillin' me.

[chorus: 2x]
gonna let you know how i feel today
aint gonna take ya s***t
aint gonna sit and play ya games
no more no more no more
[2x] we don't know we can work it out
so lets just let it go
no use in stayin' around
no take it slow today is done
for sure and let it go let go.

you starin' now talkin' 'bout you wanna work it out
aint goin' ya way ya better leave here today oh
and don't forget your things
ya gold and your diamond rings
cause I would pwan those things
don't mess with me baby.

[chorus: 2x].

Now sorry that we didn't make it through
just that I ever got with you and all the s***t
you ever put me through,
let me show you what I can do ya things are packed
ya cars on smash ya money stashed now live with that
(I told you stop callin' me, it's over, live your life).

[chorus 2x]