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Versuri Intruder
- Night In Gales

javelins hither! envenom my breast!
.. as minstrels of pestilence
intrude! penetrate!
blacken the fount of chaosraves..
a rapturous onslaught
bastardblade stampede
sparked daggers stabbing onward
to each and every thornwombsleep..

intruder, intruder..! the dutcrown is yours
intruder, intruder..! persecuter of the pure.

thousandfold thunderkiss
a deathborn predator's hiss
carnivorous as hymens in savagery
and skyclad words of furious breed.

my speech..!
torn by the intruder's carrionscythe
a bewildering razorharp
its song damns marble eyes to see
only memories of nightfall's feast
that brings terror and tears..

terror and tears..!