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Versuri Nickel Creek - Speak

(Sean Watkins)

Well, I sat down next to a photograph.
Tried my best, almost made her laugh.
She was my doll-faced crown.
There in the way was a mountain of inner clouds.

Well, I can't sleep and I'm not in love.
Well, I can't speak without messing up.
Eyes tell her what's behind.
Hers showed the way to a long and a lonely climb.

At the failure of the sea,
She'll see how far I've come.
And it's you an' me in the silent sea.
I'll offer my heart to yours.
Seems to me no mystery.
It isn't so I'll try hard to speak.

Well, I sat down next to a living hell.
Tried my best until I struck out.
The movement is not mine.
I stood in the way, pretending that I was a vine.

Got no feeling I perceived,
From a mouth that drinks it's wine.
And it's not me, not my sanctity,
These aren't my words to you.
It's all clear when it's not in here.
So clear so I'll try not to speak.

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