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Versuri Drop that azz
- Nick feat Tiger 1

Refren (x2) :
Don't hold back, girl, just drop that azz
Give it to me real strong. let me rock that azz
Just rock that azz, just drop thop azz
Drop, drop, just drop that azz.

Bingo, e ziua ta norocoasa
Am aflat de la cineva ca esti singura acasa
Baietii au pregatit ceva pentru tine
Stai joc, ia loc, simte-te bine
Aduceti boxele, volumul tare
Sa intre fete, sa vad miscare
Unde e gheatza ca sticla e la mine
Stai linistit ca nu plecam pana maine.

Refren (x2) :..

Hey, yo, I'm getting kinda tired of the tease and the bleedin'

I think it's time for a little?? of pleasin'
I've been watchin' that azz from across floor
I've got a box of Viagra and I'm ready to flow
Girl, I'll make you say 'Aah! ' till the break of dawn
Girl, I'll make you say 'Tiger 1, you're the bomb! '
You've never seen something like this
Girl, I'll smack that a*s with my toung, first kiss.

Refren (x2) :..

Nu, n-o sa ne oprim pana dimineata
Am fetite langa mine imbracate doar in ata
Nu dansez, doar ma misc, sper sa mai rezist
Si daca cineva nu vrea insist
Sa-mi arate si mie ceva,
Si din spate e mai bine asa
Toata viata un singur lucru mi-a placut
Sa beau, sa fumez si-apoi sa ma.. culc.

Refren (x2) :..

If you're rollin' with me that's a price to pay
And if yoy drop it all night than will be okay
My blood type is?? and I was born a??
I love gettin' dirty so I?? with the rest
Same crew, same??
?? step up, Shorty''l rock you from the back
I was born to?? and I'll do it again
Don't hold back, girl, let me stay and begin.
Hello.. Inc-o data..

Refren (x4) :.

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