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Versuri All around we go
- Nick Kamarera feat Alinka FeaT. Cortes

trimise de CopreanCoprean.

All around we go, for the party,
All around we go,
Got my friends with me, and some money,
So we are gonna party tonight.

You know that life is life,
We gotta live it right,
We gotta hold on tight ooooh,
This is the endless night,
There is no morning light,
So come on party by my side.

Strofa Alinka:
Hey mami, go party,
Do it like in Miami,
You better grab that hips,
Pump that breast, pump that lip,
Hey Mister, go twister,
Don't act like a little gangster,

You know we here again,
Oh yeah we here again,
Stop, all around, around we go,
I don't know where, I don't know where,
And let you take control,
So put your hands up in the air,
So put your hands up in the air,
Now keep your hands up in the air.



Strofa Cortes:
Here we go with the flow and the show is amazing,
Everybody wanna party like crazy,
We go places, just crazy,
And you can see all of the hands are racing,
I'm high in the club, stressing the sound,
I'm chasing the bass all around,
You're keeping your feet on the ground,
When you hear the DJ breaking it down,
Ok stop, bring it back you got,
Cortes rapping on the track,
You got Maurice, you still have your body rock,
Four seasons for the party block,
Cause every day's a blessing,
Lay back and relieve the stressing,
No depressing, come closer,
Start doing your act like you're supposed to.


Bridge: (2x)
All around, around we go,
I don't know where, I don't know where.