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Versuri Deltadance. com
- Newfield-Moroni-Sinclaire

Let's go.. Let's go..
Let's go.. Let's go..
(reach out).

Let's go (everyone)
Let's go (reach out)
Let's go (everyone)
Let's go (reach out).

Dot-Deltadance dot com (dot com)
Suddenly energy dance to you
And secrets will be shown (be shown).

Here's the latest, here's the greatest
Here's the meeting for the world
Surf on fire, surf on wire
Surf and get the magic word.

**You can do it today;
You can do it to dance the night away
(the night away)
Even if you won't stay;
Even if you decide to play the game

Come to heaven climb the wall to.

Dot-Deltadance dot com (dot com)
Call my name and I'll be there for you
You'll never feel alone (alone).

(Repeat *).

Take your baby, take your lady
Take whatever hat away
Start that countdown, start gettin' spellbound
Start the journey with no break.

(Repeat **)
(Repeat ***)
(Repeat *).

.. Dot-Deltadance dot com (dot com)
.. you'll never feel alone (alone)
(dot com..)
Suddenly energy dance to you..
(reach out..).