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Versuri New Boyz - Turnt

trimise de Dulcik_ValyDulcik_Valy.

Haha yea uh aye... New Boyz
I'm turnt up [x7]
And I don't give a

I'm turnt up but you ain't know
It's a young fly nigga from tha 310
I rap I jerk and I have to sneeze I'm making things with this paper like I'm japanese
Spit game so nasty I'm
Rock a phil one time then I change like a
I'm gettin so cocky I'm a start rockin condoms
Know what? hold up
Lemme show these hoes up I'm so turnt up I'm talkin backwards like yoda
And ma words kinda slur but I still got game
Aw you got a prepaid? well I still got AIM
Just got a new kick and I keep it with me
If I Ben Jamin then a E... but I'm a keep it in ma pocket
Throw a... cause I'm too turnt up bitch sing ma song

I'm turnt up I'm I'm turnt up jus lost ma phone
They stole ma whip and now I'm upset

I'm tunrt up yup just as much as I wanna be
Goin so dumb that tha nerds make in fun of me
These girls don't even know me but they really wasn't wanting me
Until I said I'm Ben J then they cornered me
"Like OMG... Do you know who you are? "
I said "I don't even remember where I parked ma car"

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