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Versuri Unite
- Neuraxis

Thought with memory
A lost wisdom, an endless chapter
Condemned to a long awaiting
Recalled through electric dementia
Upon the calling, to confront.. unite
A dead circuit, static laughter is waiting
Created through to process, upon the waiting
To confront.. unite.

Torn within my heart and my soul from disgrace
Schizophrenia is terrifying me.

Paradise: an exit to my soul.

My fabulous holliness, upon the waiting
Sudden and waiting.. blind.

Re-awaken then, a fabulous holliness
Sustains and calling the misery.. god.

Psychological intensity, condemned

To a long awaiting
Severed by blades of cold dormancy.

To front the waiting, come on.. unite.

Wisdom pure. Condemned to a long awaiting
Into a nightmare, trancends time
Upon a calling, confront.. unite.

A war within my cries, thy cyborg marionettes
My favorite holliness, slaves are waiting
Modulation to the grind.

A war within my cries, thy cyborg marionettes
Upon this fighting
Evolution to the grind